Hols Rec

I've recc'ed this elsewhere already, but I figured I might as well round it all out.

I participated in HD_Hols for the first time this year (and was greatly saddened about it being the final year) and I loved it. I enjoyed everything, from waiting for my fic to post to waiting for my gift, to going absolutely INSANE with the need to stay Anon.

However, I also had a rough year. I lost my apartment, the RV we were living in broke, we got stuck living in a motel, my store's business bottomed out, and my part-time job went haywire.

What made my Christmas perfect was the absolutely AMAZING gift I received for Hols. mab was assigned to me without knowing anything beyond what I wrote on my submission form. She is a true Slytherin however (and I mean that in the BEST way) and she took a very unique opportunity to get to know me when we bumped into each other in a Drarry FB group.

She has since become a very dear friend and finding out that my perfect present came from someone I had come to care so much about was just the cherry on top. That she took the time to get to know me, this including all my very favoritest things, just goes to show the love in this community. She went above and beyond and delivered to me a present that literally had me in tears. That someone would put so much time and effort into something just for me was so amazing and wonderful.

So I've been recc'ing the fic - and the accompanying art by chibitoaster since before I even knew who done it and now here's the final hurrah.


The gorgeous fic and accompanying art: "Let Me Be Your Voice"

Thanks SO much, ladies! It meant the world to me.